Geek Out With Wine Nerds

John and Jess are pretty nerdy about wine. Want to learn more?!

Back for another year! They’ll be holding a guided tasting once a month from February to August in 2021. Each session will be limited and the topic will change every session. At this point, we are planning for these to be virtual tasting* but we will make the decision for each session as the dates get closer.

February 27th: Women in Wine (SOLD OUT) (Virtual – 11 am)

A look at the history of women in wine with a focus on women during the birth of the CA wine industry.

March 27th: Blind Tasting (Virtual – 11 am)

You’ll get to try your hand at tasting wines blind! And we’ll walk through the tricks of figuring out what’s in your glass.

April 24th: Debonaire Vertical (SOLD OUT) (In person & Virtual – 11 am)

We’ve been producing our Cabernet Sauvignon, The Debonaire, since 2007 and we’ll be revisiting our favorite vintages.

May 22nd: Terpenes & Aromatic Wines

Terpenes are compounds found in wine and they heavily contribute to the aromas you smell. We’ll discuss some common terpenes and what each brings to the table.

June 26th: Trellising

Tresllising is the way a vine is trained to grow. This will be a discussion on the different types you see around Livermore Valley and how they impact the final product: wine!

July 24th: Winter Star Vertical (SOLD OUT)

The holidays in July! Each vintage is a different Bordeaux blend and we’ll be tasting our favorites!

August 28th: Sparkling (subject to change, depending on if virtual or in person)

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*If virtual, kits will available for pick-up starting the Wednesday prior to the session. Shipping and/or delivery will be available for a fee.