Geek Out With Wine Nerds

John and Jess are pretty nerdy about wine. Want to learn more?!

Gearing up for the 2022 Season! See below for each session’s topics!

Geek Out with Wine Nerds is a once a month guided tasting done by our winemakers, John Evan Marion & Jessica Carroll, of varying topics. They both love talking about wine and love to share with others!

February 26th
Women in Wine – Part II

Join our winemakers as Jess & John discuss the second in our Women in Wine Series: Repeal to Renaissance.

March 26th
The Sweet Stuff: Dessert Wine & Port

John and Jess will be discussing the incredibly diverse world of dessert wines and Ports. There is an long history of sweet wine and how the different methods have developed over time.

April 23rd
Cheese and Wine Pairing

Who doesn’t like wine? Who doesn’t like cheese? And who especially doesn’t like those two things together! John, Jess and Tahnee will be presenting a truly delicious and informative Geek Out all about how to pair cheese & wine.

May 28th
Size Can Matter: Bottle Size Impact on Aging

Have you ever wondered about those large bottles that wineries sometimes have kicking around? Here at BWH/JEC, we are definitely fans! John and Jess are excited to walk you through how different bottle sizes and how that impacts aging wine in bottle.

June 25th
Blending Seminar

This is your opportunity to be your own winemaker! John & Jess will take you step-by-step through the blending process and you’ll even get to blend your own wine!

July 23rd
Barrel Influence

John and Jess will discuss the variety of oak barrels available for winemakers to utilize and how that decision process is incorporated into and reflects a winemaker’s style.

August 27th
The Blind Pig Vertical

John & Jess are excited to walk you through a vertical of our Cabernet Sauvignon, The Blind Pig. It comes from an amazing small vineyard right here in Livermore Valley!